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     China Shipping Industry (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. as shipbuilding base invested by China Shipping Industry Co., Ltd. (CIC), the first-order subsidiary of China Shipping (Group) Company, was established in May, 2007 with registered capital of 3 billion RMB, mainly engaging in shipbuilding of large and medium ships, floating units, offshore engineering, etc..
     China Shipping Industry (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. complies with China Shipping(Group) development strategy of “strengthening shipping while developing land-based area”, “simultaneous growth of build and repair”, accelerates the implementation of "five transion"  and constructs for first-rate shipbuilding enterprise with 10 billion RMB total investment, to serve national coal, electricity and oil transportation, the fleets of China Shipping (Group), global shipping and offshore engineering enterprises. Our company locates in the developing zone (Provincial Level) alongside the Yangtze River in Jiangdu, Yangzhou city, Jiangsu Province with Yangtze River to the south and the west Jia River, and the transportation is extremely convenient. Our company covers 2,950,000 m2 (equal to about 295 hectares) with 3500m bank lines, and has large shipbuilding equipments including three large dry docks and one slipway, with 2200m outfitting quay and 430,000m2 modern processing and manufacturing workshop.  Around the modern shipbuilding mode, establish a modern shipbuilding system with digital shipbuilding, green shipbuilding, lean shipbuilding, in purpose of building container ship, product oil tanker, bulk carrier, chemical carrier, and so on, as well as building off-shore platform engineering ships mainly.
     Products: 46, 000 tonner product tanker, 50,000-80,000 tonner bulk carrier, the biggest ocean Practice Teaching Ship in 48,000 tonner, 110,000 tonner Aframax, and large steel floating dock etc. Our company was laid foundation and started operation on April 28, 2007; Successfully implemented 57300 tons bulk cargo "simultaneous shipbuilding of six ships", "six ships floating and three thereof undocking" in  2# dock on September 20, 2009, making a beginning of domestic mass construction of large tonnage ships; Achieved one million deadweight tons of annual delivery on November 11, 2010, which breaking the domestic shortest time record of achieving the production during the shipyard construction period; Delivering 24 new ships in total of one million three hundred and sixty thousand deadweight tons with over 10 billion output value in 2012. Now, our company has formed batch shipbuilding model with annual production capacity over 3.5 million deadweight tons.
     China Shipping Industry (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., as the important component part of China Shipping development strategy, was paid high attention by leaders of China Shipping (Group) Company with regard to the construction of the shipbuilding base. Chairman of China Shipping and secretary of Party Leadership Group Li Shaode, director Xu Lirong and other leaders came to the base in person many a time to inspect and give directions. Moreover, leaders of departments concerned have made thorough investigation and research on the base many times for solving problems. China Shipping Industry Co., Ltd. takes the construction of the shipbuilding base as the roll booster for the company to adhere to the scientific development view and build “Centennial China Shipping”, and plans scientifically while forges comprehensively. Likewise, as the priority project in Jiangsu province, the base is highly emphasized by three-level Party committee and government of Jiangsu Province, Yangzhou City and Jiangdu district. Furthermore, the member of the political bureau of central committee of the Party, secretary of secretariat of the CPC central committee and minister of organization of central government LI Yuanchao pay much attention to the construction of the shipbuilding base, and leaders of Party and government including vice chairman of Finance and Economy Committee of National People's Congress, secretary of provincial Party committee of Jiangsu province Luo Zhijun, governor of Jiangsu province Li Xueyong, provincial party committee member and propaganda minister Wang Yanwen, vice director of provincial people's congress Lin Guoxiang, vice governor of Jiangsu province Shi Heping, secretary of municipal Party committee of Yangzhou City Xie Zhengyi, mayor of Yangzhou City Zhu Minyang and so on, came personally to the base many times for inspection and investigation so as to solve problems concerned practically, thus the construction and production of the shipbuilding base could push forward successfully and rapidly.


  Add: No.1,Yingzhou RD,Jiangdu City,Jiangsu Province,China; P.C.:225211; Tel:0514-86542828;

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